Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don’t you just love finishing things? When the dishes or the laundry or some other task is finished, it feels so good. As we all know, the satisfaction can be short-lived. Those kinds of tasks are like a revolving door, because more dishes will get dirty and laundry piles start to grow within minutes. Taking care of our photos is another revolving task. We love taking photos and it is a great thing to do, however, they can pile up if we don’t take care of them. I have pages waiting for pictures to be added. I have photos waiting to be put on pages. Piles of laundry or any other piles (photos included) can weigh us down because they become an unfinished project or task. On the other hand I love my photos and I love scrapbooking them. So how can I ever feel that happy finished feeling with my beloved photos? I want the satisfaction of completion. For that reason, I love how Studio J is adding order into my life. I simply…

1. Take the photos.

2. Sometime soon (within a week), take the card from my camera and download those photos onto my computer.

3. Next I simply load those photos into Studio J for that event and label it.

4. When I have a few minutes, I log back on and choose my layout and my kit and matt the photos. Simple and quick.

5. Now I have a creative and fun activity to look forward to. I can spent a quick minute here and there, or sit for a longer time to create and tweak and play with my layout. Fun!!!

6. When I am satisfied, I click the layout into the “buy project” cart and at the end of the month purchase the layouts I have finished this month.

7. Within a few days I have layouts delivered to my door and I put them into the free sheet protectors that come FREE with the order. Did I say free twice. Yep.

8. Finished layouts go into the binder and guess what? I am finished!!!!

Roxie is a new paper packet that looked so fun to play with. Zebra stripes are so popular and I wanted to be able to use it right away. Even though a safari is not something I will ever get to scrapbook, I thought about the wild beauty of nature in Southern Utah and I think a zebra stripe fits right in. It was fun to accessorize with black accents and barn red paper. So not only am I having fun with the new paper, I also have another layout FINISHED!

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